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Book & Pocket Chart/Feeling Cards

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Book, CD & Activity/Flash Cards
Book, CD & Activity/Flash Cards
Book, CD & Activity/Flash Cards

"I'm a tea kettle boiling over, a volcano about to blow, I'm shouting and pouting, my feelings are hurt and I want the world to know!" ---Angry

This absolutely delightful Flower Feelings children's book helps youngsters identify and understand different emotions.

Twenty 7.5" square full-color pages playfully describe individual traits of emotions. Playful questions and answers help children recognize feelings in their own life. A sing-along CD about the Flower Feelings, plus eight engaging SEL activity cards that can also be used as flash cards help with social emotional learning, reading and language. The feeling flash cards feature age appropriate questions, discussion points and fun learning activities for home or classroom.

A perfect gift for toddlers and children of all ages who have ever had feelings! The Flower Feelings Book is part of a groundbreaking Social Emotional Learning Curriculum for Early Childhood Education.

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