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Preschool and Kindergarten SEL curriculum teaches social emotional learning with engaging emotional development toy

"I, enthusiastically, recommend the Flower Feelings Learning Kit." --- Marilyn McGrath, President of CAEYC, California Association for the Education of Young Children


      Teachers know that in order to have a successful classroom, attention must be paid to the management of emotions. Well handled emotions are the foundation of a loving, functional community. They are also a wellspring of incredible personal energy students can tap into. When management of emotions falters the whole class suffers, students are at a disadvantage, their focus dissipates and energy drops.

      If your school has a social management program in place Flower Feelings are not a replacement curriculum. We offer a complimentary tool that can be used throughout the year at the teachers discretion. A tool that is adaptable to the individual strengths of each teacher, and available to the students as a way to stimulate recognition and discussion of feelings.

      We do include sample lesson plans in the package. Our basic approach is adaptable and simple. We recommend an open discussion with the children where you describe the physical sensations and mental associations with the emotion at hand. Suggest clues for recognizing the emotion in someone else. Discuss the origins of the emotion and then brain-storm with the kids about the most productive way of managing the emotion.

The beauty of teaching about feelings is that children bring their emotions with them. We don't have to set up a lab or a play station for them to have feeling experiences. All we need to do is keep our eyes open and notice when there is a teaching opportunity!

      Flower Feelings help children to think more clearly about ways to manage emotions. They help children recognize feelings in others and build empathy.

For classroom activities check out our Flower Feelings Blog. We update often.

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